Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Arcade Fire "Christmas Album"

Artist: Arcade Fire
Album: Christmas Album
Label: Unreleased
Recording date: 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Lo-Fi/Indie Rock

01. Chestnuts Roasting
02. Oh Holy Night
03. Jinglebell Rock
04. A Very Arcade Xmas
05. It Clouded Fully (Brendan)
06. The Spartans (Brendan)
07. In The Attic (Boston)
08. Asleep At The Wheel
09. Old Flame
10. Submarine
11. In The Backseat
12. Headlights
Total running time: 47' 35"

[Arcade Fire - Laika - Video Clip]

"Arcade Fire's 2002 Christmas Album was recorded well before the band's first EP and the full length Funeral and never officially released. It was recorded at a party in Win and Régine's apartment, and Win claims that he is not singing in the recordings. Instead, his friends imitate his voice. Copies were distributed to friends and family of the band and some digital copies still circulate on file-sharing sites today.

The album features a quirky mix of holiday covers and early versions of original songs—some of which were later released as part of Arcade Fire EP and Funeral." [source]


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