Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cut Copy "In Ghost Colours"

Artist: Cut Copy
Album: In Ghost Colours
Label: Modular
Release date: 22 March 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro Pop/Synth Pop
RIYL: New Order, Junior Boys, Simian Mobile Disco

01. Feel The Love
02. Out There On The Ice
03. Lights And Music
04. We Fight For Diamonds
05. Unforgettable Season
06. Midnight Runner
07. So Haunted
08. Voices In Quartz
09. Hearts On Fire
10. Far Away
11. Silver Thoughts
12. Strangers In The Wind
13. Visions
14. Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
15. Eternity One Night Only
Total running time: 50' 30"

[Cut Copy - Open MySpace Standalone Music Player]

[Cut Copy - Lights And Music - Video Clip]

[Cut Copy - Future - Live]

"Cut Copy are set to return in 2008 with the shimmering timelessness of In Ghost Colours. Haunted with machines of the past and sounds of the future, In Ghost Colours inhabits the kind of space in time where trends are irrelevant and music is about feeling rather than following and 1969 is just as relevant as 2020.

In Ghost Colours traverses genres effortlessly, from already-anthem Hearts On Fire's epic sax-house to the noisy blissout of So Haunted. For Cut Copy the record was an exercise in drawing parallels between favourites old and new and trying to find a meeting point in between - from the vocodered robo-pop of French house to prog's soaring harmonies to the texture of shoegaze, In Ghost Colours lands at some sort of trans-galaxial intersection between these disparate planets.

This idea was something that appealed to Tim Goldsworthy, DFA's inhouse producer, programming guru, synth mogul and eventually muse for In Ghost Colours. Goldsworthy was enlisted to get nerdy on the project after a series of conversations with the band, who were admitted DFA fans, and when frontman Dan Whitford found he had found an equal to his obsession with ELO's Time record. When it was revealed that Goldsworthy had dropped out of school to follow My Bloody Valentine around England in the 80s and could pinpoint every pedal that was used for every sound on Loveless the contract was signed in blood. And so the band travelled to New York in early 2007 to spend 6 weeks tracking In Ghost Colours at DFA's Plantain Studio in the West Village, geeking out on DFA's collection of vintage analogue equipment and on an endless hunt for decent coffee.

The songs that Cut Copy had collected in the period since Bright Like Neon Love arrived in New York as promising bones of a more assured, song-based follow up. Upon encountering Goldsworthy's approach to recording, which Dan revealed involved a lot of experimentation. A lot of the time it was a matter of listening to where a track was at, then going over and picking up a random piece of gear, or messing around with pedals and filter, and seeing what you could get from it. Whether it ended up in the finished track or not, it was all a part of the process, and it was a fun and experimental one. This approach meant some sounds you hear on the record are entirely unique and impossible to replicate. From the epic trance breakdown in Far Away, to the sawtooth synth bass on Out There On The Ice, to when an old radio receiver was plugged direct into the analogue desk for Voices In Quartz, these sharp, succinct pop arrows to the heart are benefited from an array of special sonic sparkles.

The progression from Bright Like Neon Love to In Ghost Colours is brazenly apparent from opening track Feel The Love, an acoustic guitar led stomp of a space rock tune, instantly unforgettable and with recognizable Cut Copy glow. Where Bright Like Neon Love was charmingly vague and hazy, In Ghost Colours is directly to the point and efficient in it's songcraft, with vocals much more apparent and Whitford's imprint all over every track. The record is sewn together with passages of woozy dreamscapes between the straight up jams." [Modular]



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