Tuesday, November 06, 2007

MHV "EP04"

Artist: MHV
Albums: EP04
Label: Konfort
Release date: June 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch/Techno/Experimental
RIYL: Autechre, Monolake, Aphex Twin

01. Pasaje 0.2 v3
02. Obbservanndddo
03. Finalmente La C De La F
04. Vertebral C. In.
05. Too Fucking Pure
Total running time: 30' 09"
Short Bio
"Unlike Metaculto, MHV (Miguel Herrera Vega) includes fragility; eternal union and isolation, inclusion; present, past and future evolutions; rational facture; deconstruction and specificity; simplicity and complexity. These rhythms bring him closer to pop mixed with experimental tendencies such as drill n’ bass, abstract hip-hop, IDM, glitch, and so on. Miguel Herrera Vega a.k.a Miguel Meta 21 years old from the atypical and abstract project Metaculto show us with his work a clear example of what we could call music without labels, without classification, geometrically irregular but not at all lacking of meaning or force. Simultaneously, he cleverly and without prejudices includes within his own style different elements from so many but at the same time complementary genres. He thus creates a twisted ultra-futurist amalgam with fantastic structures, oneiric textures, multiple atmospheric layers, microscopic sounds, epileptic rhythms, melodic capsules, cold and endless digital processes and an accurate confection of shades that sometimes become polarized creating a sweety sick opposition feeling, almost always against obviousness." [source]

"Alternate project that unlike “Metaculto” brings us with its particular style closer music; where rhythms, its peculiar micro-hacking, sound layers that recall melodies living inside the heart, devastating beats, sharpened frequencies, stained sequences, unbounded syncope, devastating glitch, merciless program and digitalization hours give us a quick look of its fantastic world.

Fiber optic and cables coming out directly from the brain and forming complicated hanks intertwined with the heart, the eyes looking at the monitor, electronic impulse broadcasting devices, scanned images passed straight forward to the synthesizer, silicon everywhere, cables and interfaces, sparks, short circuit, low-energy, blackout, screen showing error, to roll eyes…endless loop, the machine is taking control again." [source]

[Kudos to Robot for this discovery.]


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