Monday, October 01, 2007

Underworld "Oblivion With Bells"

Artist: Underworld
Album: Oblivion With Bells
Label: Vital
Release date: 15 October 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno

01. Crocodile
02. Beautiful Burnout
03. Holding The Moth
04. To Heal
05. Ring Road
06. Glam Bucket
07. Boy, Boy, Boy
08. Cuddle Bunny Vs. The Celtic Villages
09. Faxed Invitation
10. Good Morning Cockerel
11. Best Mamgu Ever
Total running time: 57' 51"

[Underworld - Open MySpace Standalone Music Player]

[Underworld - Crocodile - Video Clip]

[Underworld - Two Months Off - Live In Moscow]

"It's no surprise that there's only a handful of electronic music groups who've been able to stand the test of time by shaping their sounds around both pop and underground music. Chemical Brothers are brilliant at it, but Underworld can lay claim to being the best at it.

Their last record 'A Hundred Days Off' was staked as 'a grower' and it certainly lived up to that theme (if you paid attention for more than three seconds, you'd realise that it was a bloody good album).

With a few days' rest in between projects, minus the anthology, the duo (we wish it was 'the trio') is back with new record, 'Oblivion With Bells'. It's been slated as a journey, but if you've listened to the last few outings, you'd already know that. It's kind of like saying Monopoly is about money.

True to form Underworld tread their own path through modern electronic music tipping a nod to current sounds, styles and production techniques but never afraid to let their song writing and musicianship shine out in this digital world. 'Oblivion with Bells' draws heavily on Rick and Karls’ vast array of musical influences (Nick Drake, Def Mix, Ricardo Villalobos, Can, James Holden, Eno) and experiences performing worldwide to create a truly unique Underworld journey.

The album kicks off like Saturday night with Sven Väth, Simian Mobile Disco and Frankie Knuckles all fighting to get on the decks, then takes you over the flat fields of rural Essex, through Kings Cross with its olympic dreams and piss stained alleys, ending blissed out in a hidden cove in Ibiza.

Epic techno nestles next to frail acoustics, beatific prose next to sharp urban observation, amazing sound texturing mixed with mobile phone recordings, rarely has the Underworld palette been so rich.

You can tell yourself you won't go into this with expectations, that you really want to just listen to what the boys are doing, but you know that no matter what, there's always that little bit of 'I can't bloody wait for this to be in my CD player'.

Neither can we." [source]


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