Monday, October 01, 2007

The Ace Of Clubs "Benefist"

Artist: The Ace Of Clubs
Album: Benefist
Label: Firstcask
Release date: 11 June 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Acid/Electro

01. Cordial
02. Electrip
03. Heathrow Hardcore Terminal
04. Classid
05. Whorgan
06. Whirr Jill
07. Benefist
08. Assid
09. Ecid
10. Analoaf
11. Patriotic Acid
12. Rubber Chunks
13. pHeel The pHorce
14. Fruitacid
15. Acidream
Total running time: 74' 44"
"Luke Vibert's on a mission - and thankfully his latest incarnation as the Ace of Clubs has provided him a platform for his best material in quite some years. Party acid is the order of the day - and across the 15 tracks on offer here Vibert ups the ante with a return to the deliciously analogue productions that made his early work so peerless. "Cordial" opens the album with a bouncy shuffle that's not too dissimilar to the legendary Analord series, except with an added airiness to production that works a treat now the sun's decided to come out. By the time we reach "Heathrow Hardcore Terminal" the Ceephax templates are in full effect and your yanked head-first into a strobe-lit warehouse in some dodgy part of Essex for a flailing JACK session - top top stuff. "Benefist" is another highlight - tight drums and twilight arpegios are the order of the day - sort of like Kraftwerk mashed up by Aphex Twin, larging it up in some abandoned Cornwall field. Its nigh on impossible to find a duff track here - either Vibert has found his true form again or props should go out to the Firstcask imprint for their selection skills - either way this is a hugely enjoyable album, designed for peak-time party deployment or just for soundtracking any old Sunday killing time down the park - and its this kind of effortlessly enjoyable electronic music that seems to be so sorely missing these days. If you're after pure acid abandonment from a master producer - look no further." [source]


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