Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kettel "My Dogan"

Artist: Kettel
Album: My Dogan
Label: Sending Orbs
Release date: 29 May 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Acid/Ambient Techno/Ambient

01. My Dogan
02. Dogan 9247
03. Mauerbrecher
04. Billiton Beruh With Cleo&Wouter
05. Little Tongues
06. Meeuwuh
07. Halt Him
08. Mannschaft
09. Follow Me!
10. Peeksje 1994
11. Sekt I Sing
12. Ok Norah
13. Sylvia
14. Afwezig
15. The Second 2006
16. Escape From ETA Th2
17. Choo Choo India
18. He's His Own Man
Total running time: 70' 13"
"IDM producer Reimer Eisling cites Aphex Twin, his AFX moniker specifically, as his primary influence and on his seventh album, it becomes so clearly evident for the first time. Rarely does an electronic artist come so close to AFX's sound but hardly infringes due to Kettel's ability to separate himself from the twin. Kettel's talent for inventing and weaving complex melodies allows “Mauerbrecher”, which could very well be off AFX's Analord series, to transform into an erratic rollercoaster ride. “The Second 2006” sounds like it was taken directly from Drukqs but with this wide collection of tracks dwarfing those of other recent electronic works, there's plenty of room for the new ideas that Kettel always brings home with him besides the impressive AFX tracks. “Mannschaft” and “Sekt I sing” take simple melodies and lift them up to amazing heights while “Halt Him” and “Peeksje 1994” are some of Kettel's greatest ambient works to date that display the controlled usage of nature sounds to temper the album's fantastic theme. No doubt, the best IDM album of 2006." [source]



Anonymous said...

you make me very happy...yahooy

Killcrane said...

I remember this CD being really, really weird... I have to give this a second shot though. Thanks so much

i have all the others if anyone wants em

Sonic Process said...

Weird? Nah, more like Aphex Twin gone softy. In my opinion the best Kettel album, tracks like Mauerbrecher and The Second 2006 put you high on acid.

Anonymous said...

This is one hell of an ambient album!!! superb stuff i'll be buying this for sure!! thx ;)

Anonymous said...

So good to come back to albums like this one....rediscover all the beautiful tunes, dreams, and generally feel good while floating on the waves that Kettel creates... :) :) :)