Friday, March 02, 2007

Alex Gopher "Alex Gopher"

Artist: Alex Gopher
Album: Alex Gopher
Label: Go 4 Music
Release date: 26 February 2007
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock/Electro Rock

01. Out Of The Inside
02. Brain Leech
03. Nasty Wish
04. Isn't It Nice
05. Boulder Colorado
06. Carmilla
07. The Game
08. Song For Paul
09. 5000 Moons
10. Go!
11. The White Lane
12. Brain Leech [alternate version]
Total running time: 41' 05"

[Alex Gopher - Carmilla - Video Clip]

[Alex Gopher - The Game - Video Clip]

"Reviews of genre defying releases are often more interesting than the records themselves turn out to be, particularly the dreaded dance / indie hybrid, but ladies and gentlemen: I give you Alex Gopher.

Alex Gopher’s contribution to French musical pedigree (encompassing Nouvelle Vague, Etienne De Crécy and Air) has been long overdue an album showcasing what varied and interesting music he has been producing since 1985. The DJ / producer has drawn on his past releases and once again upped the ante to deliver, finally, an album to answer the question increasingly thrown up by today’s turgid guitar-weary scene: Where next? And whilst this intriguing record doesn’t slap you round the face in showing the way, its novel Gallic eccentricities creep up on you in a most satisfying way.

Meandering through a maze of house beats, lazy vocals and choppy riffs, the influences are obvious, but well picked and skilfully employed - Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here simmers just below the surface of "The White Lane" and a perfectly executed Peter Hook bassline has been nicked for the obvious single "Brain Leech".

The delicate "Nasty Wish" shows up the aforementioned Air connection, with its clean guitars and breezy optimism, and "Carmilla" see Gopher clear the hurdle that Bloc Party have recently fallen at, in producing a convincing marriage of spiky new wave guitars and dance beats.

It’s the slow building "5000 Moons", though, which really highlights the range of styles that Gopher delves into, beginning as a lo-fi groove and steadily transforming into a production skills tour de force.

Firmly refusing to be a just a French house record and at the same time challenging today’s indie chancers, Alex Gopher has produced an album more exciting than the safeness of an Air release, but still with more warmth than Hot Chip’s mechanical soullessness. Forget Nu Rave, this is where dance music is headed… and guitar music for that matter, too." [source]


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