Friday, January 12, 2007

To My Boy "I Am Xray" + "The Grid"

Artist: To My Boy
Album: I Am Xray [Single]
Label: XL Recordings
Release date: 11 September 2006
Genre: Rock
Style: Electro Rock/Post Punk

01. I Am Xray
02. Outerregions
Total running time: 4' 32"

Artist: To My Boy
Album: The Grid [Single]
Label: XL Recordings
Release date: 13 November 2006
Genre: Rock
Style: Electro Rock/Post Punk
01. The Grid
02. Mono
Total running time: 4' 35"

[To My Boy - I Am Xray - Video Clip]

[To My Boy - The Grid - Video Clip]

"After the release of the brilliant debut single ‘I Am Xray’ in September, recognition of electro-duo To My Boy is quickly gathering pace. Having seemingly appeared over night, you may not yet have experienced the stop-start-jitter-electronica mayhem that is the afore mentioned single, and as such you are missing out on a real treat.

“It’s a love song. The thrilling nature of being able to understand the inner-workings of someone/something…” they say. So, let’s try and unravel the mystery and pin down these hyper active purveyors of Clor-tinged brilliance.

What’s their story? “We started as a 4 piece in Durham a couple of years ago. Jack was recording demos of new songs using a drum machine and the sounds were a lot more exciting than the music we were making live - so we got rid of the drummer and bass player. We signed to Abeano/XL, released ‘I Am Xray’, and here we are.”

Hailing from Durham, it is perhaps not overly tricky to imagine why starting a band might be an attractive option i.e. because there’s not much else to do (no offence to any Durham descendents), however, the truth is at least a bit more interesting than that; “We wanted something that was really easy to set up and play the house parties we were putting on - and write hopelessly romantic songs about exciting things and human experiences in an unusually scientific way.”

‘Unusually scientific’ seems to sum up the band in fitting fashion, and it seems to be a credos that is garnering positive attention up and down the country: “We’ve been going down really well in most places. People in Liverpool find it hard to deal with the fact we don't use live drums though.”

The public seem to be enjoying them, but are they enjoying the rigmaroles of touring? Thrown any electronic devices out of windows yet? Snorted pharmaceuticals from a hookers thigh? “Its great! We're enjoying getting a sense of the country. We went swimming in Hull - and to the transport museum in Coventry...we enjoy leisure. Jack drives us round on tour so he can’t drink that often but we're hoping to sort that out soon.”

Nevermind then, besides, museum chic is the new rock’n’roll don’t you know. So, what are the influences behind this existential racket? “We take inspiration from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Morrissey, the Professor and the beautiful machine and Ed Banger Records.” Quite a diverse mix there, which is understandable bearing in mind they sound like all of the above thrown into a blender to produce their weirdly wonderful sound, which however is not lacking in pop sensibilities.

What of the future? “Successfully fuse the crazy avant-garde with pure pop and make a classic album, which we’ll be recording in December.” It looks like To My Boy could well be robot-dancing into your consciousness very soon. Do the Crouch people, you know it makes sense." [source]

[Download(currently unavailable).Buy:I Am XRay.Buy:The Grid]

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