Thursday, January 18, 2007

DFA "The DFA Remixes"

Artist: DFA
Album: The DFA Remixes: Chapter One
Label: DFA
Release date: 27 March 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dance Punk/Electro Rock

01. Deceptacon [original by Le Tigre]
02. Mars Arizona [original by Blues Explosion]
03. The Boxer [original by The Chemical Brothers]
04. Another Excuse [original by Soulwax]
05. Dance To The Underground [original by Radio 4]
06. Emerge [original by Fischerspooner]
07. Dare [original by Gorillaz]
08. Orange Alert [original by Metro Area]
09. (Just Like We) Breakdown [original by Hot Chip]
Total running time: 74' 21"
"Storming their record collection like a cow-belled behemoth, DFA have been pumping out remixes for years - garnering praise on both the headphones and the dancefloor through their spittal-flecked missives. Bringing them all together under one disco-balled roof, 'The DFA Remixes' sees old favourites like Le Tigre's 'Deceptacon' and Fischerspooner's 'Emerge' rubbing shoulders with bright young things Hot Chip and pork-life superstars Gorillaz. As tends to be the case with any such enterprise, there is a disparity here between the best and the worst on show - with 'Deceptacon' still gunning along in a blaze of electroclash fury, whilst Radio 4's 'Dance To The Underground' is an electro-by-numbers jaunt around The Juan Maclean territory. Elsewhere, Shaun Ryder is gradually submerged in a fizzing vat of staccato for 'Dare', Hot-Chip are given a lick of Morodor for an 80's revision that doesn't rely on Hall & Oates, whilst the Blues Explosion's 'Mars Arizona' is ten-tonne of humid, punk-funk goodness. Available as both a nine-track CD and double heavy-weight vinyl (Gorillaz, Radio 4, Le Tigre, Metro Area and Blues Explosion scarring the plates), 'The DFA Remixes' more than warrants it's existence and provides the perfect record for your outdoor Summer barbeques. If winter ever f*cks off that is..." [source]


Artist: DFA
Album: The DFA Remixes: Chapter Two
Label: DFA
Release date: 3 October 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dance Punk/Electro Rock
01. Far From Home [original by Tiga]
02. Shake Your Coconuts [original by Junior Senior]
03. She Wants To Move [original by N*E*R*D]
04. Colours [original by Hot Chip]
05. Hand That Feeds [original by Nine Inch Nails]
06. Slide In [original by Goldfrapp]
07. Destination Overdrive [original by Chromeo]
08. In A State [original by UNKLE]
Total running time: 71' 48"
"Roaming into view with their cow-bells exposed, the DFA lads are back with another compendium of remixes culled from their extensive catalogue - with 'Chapter Two' including work for Tiga, Junior Senior, UNKLE, Goldfrapp, Hot Chip and N.E.R.D. Whilst the first chapter had a clear lineage from their days producing the likes of Radio 4, this follow up sees James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy erring away from their regimented herks and jerks in favour of a looser sound that gives overt nods to Chic, Can and Talking Heads. Often sensing a core sound that you overlook on first listen, The DFA are bona fide masters at teasing threads from an original composition and running with it - a situation that becomes apparent on the opening 'Far From Home' by Tiga. Whilst the original was a high-camp disco monster that sauntered along with an electro wink, this version sees DFA morphing it into a synth addled epic that has an almost religious overtone in it's organ drone finale. Similarly, Goldfrapp's 'Slide In' is a morphed into a 13 minute marathon that sees Tim and James pulling out all the rhythmical stops with a mix that teases the luscious strings and swooping vocals of the chorus with a barrage of (you guessed it!) cow bells and liquid bass. Elsewhere, UNKLE's 'In A State' is given the bite it desperately needed first time round, Junior Senior's day-glo pop is re-established as taut post-punk, whilst Chromeo's 'Destination Overdrive' could have your eye out with its fizzing electro undertow." [source]



Anonymous said...

please reupload both.

Sonic Process said...

Both? Only Chapter 2 is down. I will reupload this one once I have some time. If you can't use Megaupload here is a RapidShare link for Chapter 1:

andreas said...

with megaupload i kept getting the temporary unavailable thing for weeks. but you're right its working now. many thanks for replying and the alternate link. please, don't forget chapter two!! :)