Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Black Lung "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars"

Artist: Black Lung
Album: Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
Label: Dorobo
Release date: 1994
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient/Industrial
RIYL: Snog, Soma, Celluloïd Mata

01. The Banque Of Worms
02. Theme From The Black Lung Pt. 2
03. The Trilateral Commision
04. Prozac Parade
05. Somatime
06. Rex 84
07. Ridjeck Theme
08. The Battle Of Brazil
09. Supermarket Dream
10. Everything You Know Is Wrong
11. Theme From Black Lung Pt. 1
12. Death Squad Blues
13. Meat Manager
14. The Bilderberg Group
Total running time: 73' 11"

[Black Lung - Open MySpace page]

"Black Lung is an electronic and industrial music project by Australian musician David Thrussell, also known for his industrial bands Snog and the more ambient Soma.

The first Black Lung album, 1994's Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, was mostly composed of instrumental tracks taken from Snog's first album Lies Inc. and the Hey, Christian God single. A year later, the album was also released on Germany's Machinery Records as Silent Weapons for Silent Wars. Thrussell disowned this later release due to the incorrect title, changes made to the artwork, and the fact that the tracks were in the wrong order, destroying the album's continuity. Several more albums followed in subsequent years, eventually outpacing the number of albums Thrussell was releasing as Snog.

In 1999, Thrussell collaborated with John Sellekaers from Xingu Hill to produce the 10" EP The Andronechron Incident, purportedly a soundtrack for an obscure Italian science fiction film. A full-length CD of the same title, containing many more additional tracks, was released in 2002 .

Thematically, Thrussell has used the project as an opportunity to indulge his fascination with conspiracy theories, with many album and track titles referencing conspiracies. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, also used by Wu-Tang Clan, refers to a document which came to light in the mid 1980s detailing a New World Order plan. Rhic-Edom is a direct reference to the acronym RHIC-EDOM: Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control & Electronic Dissolution of Memory. The albums' liner notes frequently contain essays on various esoteric subjects, excerpted from conspiracy books or written by Thrussell himself.

Since 1999, nearly all Black Lung releases have been on German industrial label Ant-Zen." [Wikipedia]

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