Monday, December 17, 2007

Sonic Process' Blind Test

The first Sonic Process blind test competition is here! The winner will get a gift voucher, from his/her preferred online shop!

The competition is now over! Congratulations to Megabob for being the first to make the two correct guesses! The answers were Stars of the Lid with the track "Gasfarming" and Library Tapes with "Mellan Ljud Och Text".

Thanks to all the participants, maybe next time...

The competition will be in the form of a special kind of musical "blind test": it will consist of a single track, where two separate tracks are mixed together and played at the same time to form one cohesive composite track. Both tracks are played at their normal speed, and both tracks are played in full. The first one to correctly identify the two mixed tracks (artists + track titles), both of which have already been posted here, will win a 25 Euro (~37 US dollar) gift voucher to spend at his/her preferred online music shop (e.g. Amazon, Boomkat, Juno, etc.)!

The competition will start on Saturday, 15 December at 9pm GMT (check World Clock Time Zone Converter to convert to your local time). Then you will be able to stream/download the track from this post. In order to make the results as transparent as possible, participants will be required to use the shoutbox on this site to submit the artists + track titles (do NOT use e-mail). They will need to supply a valid e-mail address (write it on the "Website:" field). Incomplete or wrong guesses will be rejected, e.g. do not make life easier for others by posting a correct guess for only one of the two artists! The winner who makes the first correct guess (according to the time stamps on the shoutbox) will be contacted afterwards to receive his/her gift voucher.

Alternative link: [Download]

Good luck!

-sonic process

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