Monday, December 03, 2007

Panda Bear's 2007 Summer Tour

Panda Bear has released a free DVD of his Summer tour!

From Mike's website:

"Please bear with me as I try to explain this DVD because it isn't exactly your average DVD or your average release and its kinda weird.

First of all, I'm not part of a special film crew, a web-design team, or a label. I'm a regular dude who likes to film shows. I'm by no means a professional however I do my best to take a good shot. I have a site over at that you can check out if you'd like.

Shortly after hearing about Panda Bear's tour for his latest album, Person Pitch, I thought it would be sweet if I were able to come along and film a complete (although short) tour. I got in touch with a highly psyched Noah and after some planning we were good to go. I went to Baltimore, Philly, and New York and complied an extensive collection of footage from all three nights. We decided it would be cool if we created a DVD from the videos.

Here is some further information on the DVD:
• Contains a full performance of Panda Bear's set. I will take the audio from the best recording and edit the three sets' videos together to make one cohesive performance.
•Also contains sound checks, a Panda Bear interview, and other random footage.
• One song by each opener.
• I am a firm believer that the greatest things in life aught to be free, music being one of those things. Because of this and my respect, appreciation, and gratitude for Panda Bear, there is no necessary charge for this DVD. It will be free.

Now, I feel there is one snag to this otherwise awesome project. To film at the Bowery Ballroom is a $250 charge. I accept the cost and if I don't make that money back, that's fine. It was worth it to make this DVD that much better. However, I have created a BONUS disk that I will package along with this DVD. The disk will contain all two full, unedited sets. I have also created art for each DVD + Bonus Disk order and package them in real DVD casings. For this disk I will be asking a donation from $5-$10 on a sliding scale. I will keep track of the money I make on this site so everyone would be able to see how the generosity of few can really add up quickly. If I reach the goal of $250 I will donate half of the earnings to Paw Tracks.

Thanks so much for reading and being interested in the DVD. Look to the News section for further updates and information.

Take care.
--mike" [source]


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