Saturday, November 10, 2007

Telefon Tel Aviv "Remixes Compiled"

Artist: Telefon Tel Aviv
Album: Remixes Compiled
Label: Hefty
Release date: 15 May 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch/Breakbeat/Downtempo
RIYL: Apparat, Proem, Dntel

01. Nine Inch Nails "Even Deeper" [Telefon Tel Aviv Remix]
02. Bebel Gilberto "All Around" [Telefon Tel Aviv Remix]
03. John Hughes "Get Me Lost/Driving In LA" [Telefon Tel Aviv Remix]
04. Apparat "Komponent" [Telefon Tel Aviv Remix]
05. AmmonContact "BBQ Plate" ["Last Supper" Mix By Telefon Tel Aviv]
06. American Analog Set* "The Green Green Grass" [Telefon Tel Aviv Remix]
07. Midwest Product "A Genuine Display" [Telefon Tel Aviv Remix]
08. Oliver Nelson "Stolen Moments" [Telefon Tel Aviv Remix]
09. Phil Ranelin "Time Is Running Out" [Telefon Tel Aviv Remix]
10. Nitrada "Fading Away" [Telefon Tel Aviv Remix]
11. Marc Hellner "Asleep On The Wing" [Telefon Tel Aviv Remix]
12. Slicker "Knock Me Down Girl" [Telefon Tel Aviv Remix]
Total running time: 53' 53"

[Telefon Tel Aviv - What It Is Without The Hand That Weilds It - Unofficial Video Clip]

"From the opening bars of their remix of Nine Inch Nails' 'Even Deeper' (the opening track to this collection) you know you've got an hour or so of the most sumptuous electronica ahead of you. This remix was actually the band's first track together under the Telefon Tel Aviv moniker, dating back to 2000 and all the band's distinctive auditory trademarks were in place even then: the impossibly high fidelity recordings, the vastly complicated rhythmic methodologies and the near superhuman attention to detail. Skip forward to TTV's reworking of Bebel Gilberto's 'All Around' and you're in for another widescreen electronic treat, with all the key elements of the original handled with the utmost delicacy only to be bolstered by a crackling ocean of frazzled electronics. Other standout moments crop up when Apparat's 'Komponent' gets tweaked to futuristic pop perfection and Oliver Nelson's orchestral 'Stolen Moments' gets a subtle circuit bending. A masterclass in electronic production techniques and no mistake." [source]


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