Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Legiac "Mings Feaner"

Artist: Legiac
Album: Mings Feaner
Label: Sending Orbs
Release date: 17 May 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient Techno/Abstract/Experimental

01. Coar Wacks
02. Actind
03. Dide Skin
04. Elvers
05. Faex Decimate
06. Emriz
07. Tretz Dizm
08. Hallux Abb
09. Jed Dalton
10. Pinch Era
11. Mings Feaner
12. Ibaxid
13. Vega Orbid
14. Upher
15. Span Feaner
16. Opaque
Total running time: 70' 18"

[Legiac - Open MySpace Standalone Music Player]

"Sending Orbs still has yet to cease continually redesigning the complex device that is the classic electronic album. The Funcken brothers and Cor Bolten have come together to fasten and weld together the bits and pieces that make-up Mings Feaner, a mass of organic ambient and crunchy tinkered IDM fused into a bio-mechanical contraption able to ineptly send one through time and space from futuristic abstract moonscapes (“Dide Skin”) to flourishing exotic alien jungles (“Tretz Dizm”) and everywhere in-between. Upbeat rhythms, zig-zaging beats, various morphing lifeforms sailing on soaring waves lying behind every twist and turn wash over one’s cerebral construct again and again to induce such a broad variety of original environments you rarely experience on this astral plane nowadays. You don’t need a degree in trans-dimensional engineering to fully understand and appreciate this future classic but it helps." [source]



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