Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kim Hiorthøy "My Last Day"

Artist: Kim Hiorthøy
Album: My Last Day
Label: Smalltown Supersound
Release date: 5 November 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Nu Jazz/Hip Hop/Breakbeat/Techno/Acid

01. I Thought We Could Eat Friends
02. Beats Mistake
03. Skuggan
04. Album
05. Same Old Shit
06. Den Långa Berättelsen Om Stöv Och Vatten
07. Alt Går Så Langsomt
08. Goodbye To Song
09. Wind Of Failure
10. Hon Var Så Otydlig, Som En Gas
11. I'm This I'm That
Total running time: 44' 56"

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[Kim Hiorthøy - Alt Måste Bli Anorlunda - Video Clip]

"Norway's Kim Hiorthøy is not only regarded as one of the most exciting graphic designers in the world today (he has been on the cover of Creative Review, Grafik and Eye, and many more) - he is also an acclaimed musician and producer. "My Last Day" is his long-awaited follow up to his seminal and critically hugely acclaimed "Hei" album from 2000.

Since then he has also released the 2002 album "Melke" (a collection of remixes, 7 inches, rejected tracks and tracks for compilations), several 7 inches and 12 inches as well as his three EPs in 2004: "Hopeness", "Live Shet" (a live recording) and "For The Ladies" (a limited edition collection of field recordings). Since his debut album he has also toured the USA, Europe and Japan several times, as well as a tour in China.

Extraordinarily talented and expressive, Kim Hiorthøy operates in many different fields in addition to music. As a graphic designer he is responsible for the Rune Grammofon artwork, as well as most of Smalltown Supersound’s artwork. He is also an artist (check out www.standardoslo.no for more information about his art) and a writer. Kim wrote the book "Du kan ikke svikte din beste venn og bli god til å synge samtidig" on Norwegian literary publisher Oktober Forlag. He has released a book of photography in Japan, a book of drawings, Alt Fins, and a design book, "Tree Weekend" on Die Gestalten Verlag in Germany. Additionally, Kim has illustrated several children’s books, and has worked in film as a photographer, having shot the acclaimed Norwegian movies “Kroppen Min” and “Ungdommens Raskap”, as a video director for the concert film “Supersilent7”, and as a filmmaker, having just debuted as a director/screenwriter with the Swedish/Norwegian co-production, ”Hur Man Gör”.

Kim Hiorthøy is based in both Berlin and Oslo, but has mostly lived in Berlin over the last couple of years. He has worked on "My Last Day" on and off throughout the last two years; most of it was recorded at his Berlin studio. Compared to "Hei", the new album is less fragmented and more song based. It is also more melodic and complete, all with Kim’s characteristic sound. He often has an organic and folk-like tone to his music which XLR8R magazine recognized when they placed him in the forefront of the new electronic folk music movement with artists such as Herbert, Matmos and Four Tet. Kim Hiorthøy’s music draws influences from folk, jazz (his live sets these days are with free-jazz drum virtuoso Paal Nilssen-Love), lo-fi/leftfield electronics, acid, hip-hop, field recordings and samples. All his music is created on an MPC sampler, the original hip-hop instrument. The use of the MPC also makes Kim’s live performances much more physical than the often mundane laptop live sets in electronic music.

The music and everything else Kim Hiorthøy creates has his own unique and strong signature - that Kim Hiorthøy feeling, you might call it. On “My Last Day” Kim Hiorthøy continues to create great electronic pop music all in his distinct way and style, and all in his very own universe." [source]


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