Friday, August 17, 2007

Kettel "Whisper Me Wishes"

Artist: Kettel
Album: Whisper Me Wishes
Label: DUB
Release date: June 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Acid/Ambient Techno/Modern Classical

01. Any Waken Sly Blonda
02. And Unrequited As Well
03. Zutphen
04. Now Find Another Moon
05. Twijfel Doubt Hesitation
06. De Manke Das
08. Prairieplant
09. Blind Alleycat
10. One Foggy Ear
11. Veerooster
12. Marcos Cases
13. Coddle
14. Napels Vluchtplan
Total running time: 47' 25"

[Kettel - Open MySpace Standalone Music Player]

[Kettel - Live Visuals]

[Kettel - Live Visuals]

"Kettel, Reimer Eising, has been releasing electronic music for a number of years. He started off his impressive discography on Paradinas’ Planet Mu imprint with one of the renowned Mu 7”s. From there, Eising put music out a number of labels such as Civik, Kracfive, Neo Ouija and Djak-Up-Beats (DUB). Kettel has returned to DUB for his seventh solo album, Whisper Me Wishes.

Clone Records is a wonderfully diverse imprint, giving their listeners techno, house, electro, re-issued italo and electronica. Kettel has been a Clone favourite since the early 2000’s, and with good reason. Kettel doesn’t dish out run of the mill electronica, but blends a number of influences to create a rich recipe for electronic sound.

Whisper Me Wishes comes to life with the synthy piano chords and playful cut up beats of “Any Waken Sly Blonda.” “And Unrequited As Well” stays in the same line, keeping the playful upbeat electronics going whilst introducing some new elements. The track has an acoustic quality, one that is soon eclipsed by the modern computer sounds of “Zutphen.” Synthesizers and pleasant machine sounds are the focus of this bright, warm piece. A very nice piece of electronica. “Now Find Another Moon” gives the listener the first tastes of piano on the album. “Twijfel Doubt Hesitation” is a piano centred masterpiece of deep keys and haunting melodies. A wonderful piece of classical sound. “De Manke Das” keeps things in the same vein, bringing heart wrenching violins with simple and elegant keys. “Whisper Me Wishes" is the culmination of the piano-centric pieces, a short and beautiful piece to ease the listener back into the electrics.

The playful, childlike tones are back for “Prarieplant.” The track feels like it could be from a dreamlike drama segment, a whimsical and twilight piece of music. “Blind Alleycat” moves into more traditional electronic ground. The playful tones return for “One Foggy Ear” and the short “Veerooster.” “Macro’s Case” keeps the cheeky sounds going, but saunters in with some amazing computer game style synth movements. “Coddle” is a more dancefloor derived piece, with some wicked synthlines and sharp beats. “Naples Vluchtplan” cleans the listener’s palette with a serving of fresh, classical sounds.

Kettel has combined an array of styles for Whisper Me Wishes. Orchestral pieces reminiscent of ballet scores are turned over with fun filled electro sounds and experimented electronics. It is an album that is full of wonder and talent. Kettel has produced something that is unique, that is his own style and not just a categorical piece of electronic music. " [source]


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