Friday, July 27, 2007

Tocotronic "Kapitulation"

Artist: Tocotronic
Album: Kapitulation
Label: Vertigo
Release date: 6 July 2007
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock

01. Mein Ruin
02. Kapitulation
03. Aus Meiner Festung
04. Verschwör Dich Gegen Dich
05. Wir Sind Viele
06. Harmonie Ist Eine Strategie
07. Imitationen
08. Wehrlos
09. Dein Geheimer Name
10. Sag Alles Ab
11. Luft
12. Explosion
Total running time: 53' 59"

[Tocotronic - Open MySpace Standalone Music Player]

[Tocotronic - Kapitulation - Video Clip]

[Tocotronic - Verschwör Dich Gegen Dich - Live @ Reeperbahnfestival, Hamburg]

"Influenced by American bands like Nirvana, R.E.M., and Galaxie 500, German indie rockers Tocotronic started in Hamburg in 1993 when drummer Arne Zank and bassist Jan Müller, who had played together previously, added singer and guitarist Dirk Von Lowtzow to complete their lineup. Taking their moniker from the German name for the Nintendo-made precursor to the Game Boy, Tricotronic (elsewhere called Game & Watch), Tocotronic released their debut single, "Meine Freundin und Ihr Freund," in 1994, and soon they had signed to L'Age d'Or Records -- a label right at the heart of the Hamburger Schule movement -- which issued the band's debut album, Digital Ist Besser, in 1995. Nach der Verlorenen Zeit, Wir Kimmen Um Uns Zu Beschweren, and Est Ist Egal, Aber followed, and in 1999 K.O.O.K., a slightly more introspective record, came out (as well as its own remixed version and English version a year after that). In 2002 Tocotronic released their self-titled album, and in 2005, after longtime touring member Rick McPhail had joined the band on guitar and keyboards, the 12" Pure Vernuft Darf Niemals Siegen hit shelves." [source]


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