Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Epic45 "May Your Heart Be The Map"

Artist: Epic45
Album: May Your Heart Be The Map
Label: Make Mine Music
Release date: 21 May 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient Pop/Ambient

01. May Your Heart Be The Map
02. The Stars In Spring
03. Summers First Breath
04. Forgotten Mornings
05. The Stars In Autumn
06. We Left Our Homes For Winter
07. Lost In Failing Light
08. You Are An Annual
09. The Balloonist
10. Winterbirds
11. The Trees And Lanes
12. We Grew Up Playing In The Fields Of England
13. Early 80's Snowfall
Total running time: 49' 50"

[Epic45 - Open MySpace Standalone Music Player]

[Epic45 - They Cut Into The Hill - Video Clip]

"It comes as no surprise to find that Epic45 grew up - and still reside - in a small rural village in the heartland of the English Midlands. Based around the nucleus of 25 year old school friends Ben Holton and Rob Glover, Epic45 have had a varied and fluid line-up since their debut in 1999, releasing a series of highly acclaimed EPs and albums for labels such as Bearos, Awkward Silence and Where Are My Records. The band have also received radio airplay from the late John Peel, Steve Lamacq and Verity Sharp over the past few years.

Inspired by their surroundings, blissful childhood summers and mysterious / inspiring walks the duo have been making music for more than a decade. Their latest album May Your Heart be the Map sees Epic45 concentrating on a more bucolic sound, mixing cyclical acoustic guitars, chiming reverbs and field recordings. Using a blend of analogue tape and digital editing/processing, they create a sense of hazy half-remembered childhood memories yet still reflect the harsher realities of modern life.

The album was originally inspired by 1970s British TV series "Survivors", a fictional account of a plague that wipes out most of the worlds population. The idea of a near-deserted world in which people have to rebuild their lives amid the ruins of the previous civilisation seemed strangely appealing. However, other themes crept in slowly, the 'empty world' began to represent our lives now and inevitably the duo started looking back to childhood and simpler, happier times. The title is simply a rallying call to like minded people, an expression of hope in an uncertain world.

As with previous releases, May Your Heart Be The Map features a collaboration with Antony Harding of July Skies/Avrocar. This time, Harding contributes fragile vocals to the track ‘We Left Our Homes For Winter’.

“Epic45 is about a childhood obsession with hearing ourselves and other sounds played back on tapes, how magical pop music seemed as a child and how it allowed us to escape into our own worlds. It’s become a constant attempt to capture this and turn our memories into sound. This is why we continue.......” Ben Holton" [source]


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