Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dopplereffekt "Calabi Yau Space"

Artist: Dopplereffekt
Album: Calabi Yau Space
Label: Rephlex
Release date: 11 June 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract/Ambient/Experimental

01. Calabi Yau Manifold
02. Hyperelliptic Surfaces
03. Holomorpic N-0 Form
04. Compactification
05. Mirror Symmetry
06. Non Vanishing Harmonic Spinor
07. Hypersurface
08. Dimension 11
Total running time: 37' 09"
"Dopplereffekt are one of the more mysterious units of the contemporary electronic music scene. There are no interviews and hardly any live appearances. The composers hide behind strange German pseudonyms whereas the song titles and lyrics are in English and make up a strange mixture of scientific, sexually explicit and political allusions. Dopplereffekt's music is also highly eclectic and unusual. Even if at first sight the forefathers Kraftwerk seem to be more than present, Dopplereffekt have developed their very own and highly influential sound aesthetic.

Dopplereffekt are originally from Detroit though some believe them to be now based in Europe. Critics claim their electro-style resembles that of Drexciya and that they were indeed early members of that now legendary outfit. This album is a perfect sequel to ‘Linear Accelerator’, their last album released on International DeeJay Gigolo in 2003 and accompanies this year’s classic retrospective ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ from Clone. Musically, it follows a more ambient/soundscape/experimental/electronic course akin to the Der Zyklus ‘Biometry’ project or even Rephlex’s ‘Quantum Transposition’ produced by Arpanet in late 2005. Arpanet’s ‘Inertial Frame’ album on Record Makers, from the same stable, was among the very best albums of last year. Though some find this album more specialist, it is just as engaging and combines the science of sound with other fields of physics. After a few listens, you'll notice some similar musical themes running through various tracks. A lot of thought has gone into this album and it will generate even more, given the chance. The album also features exclusive artwork under license from CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.

Calabi-Yau spaces are important in string theory, where one model posits the geometry of the universe to consist of a ten-dimensional space of the form. Although the main application of Calabi-Yau spaces is in theoretical physics, they are also interesting from a purely mathematical standpoint. Consequently, they go by slightly different names, depending mostly on context, such as Calabi-Yau manifolds or Calabi-Yau varieties.

Although the definition can be generalized to any dimension, they are usually considered to have three complex dimensions. Since their complex structure may vary, it is convenient to think of them as having six real dimensions and a fixed smooth structure.

If you are only excited by familiar things or fanatical about contemporary indie/rock then maybe this isn’t your bag. If you like the challenge of the new and are intrigued by possibilities and the unknown, we urge you to investigate this album. After all, a great melody or rhythm or harmony begins with sound itself and it is on this level that Dopplereffekt is concentrating. ’Techno’ in the sense that the term was originally intended." [source]


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