Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Whitest Boy Alive "Dreams"

Artist: The Whitest Boy Alive
Album: Dreams
Label: Smalltown Supersound
Release date: 5 June 2006
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock/Electro Pop

01. Burning
02. Above You
03. Inflation
04. Fireworks
05. Done With You
06. Don't Give Up
07. Figures
08. Borders
09. Golden Cage
10. All Ears
Total running time: 41' 29"

[The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage - Video Clip]

[The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning - Video Clip]

"Alongside his partner Eirik Glambek Bøe, Erlend Øye spent most of the early ’00s playing timid Norwegian folk-pop in Kings of Convenience, a brainy guitar-and-voice duo whose name perfectly reflected its stripped-down setup. Between Kings releases, Øye has also tended to a sideline in electronic music, releasing a solo album made with a group of guest producers and assembling a likable mix-CD that featured his singing over disco-house tracks by other acts.

Øye’s latest project is the Whitest Boy Alive, a Berlin-based quartet that began in 2003 as a dance group but “has slowly developed into a band without any programmed elements,” as explained carefully on its website. Once again, the group’s name is apt: Dreams, the Boy’s debut, is a remarkably wimpy bit of indie pop, meticulously constructed out of breathy vocal melodies, spindly guitar lines and romantic reflections like this one, from “Fireworks”: “You keep your cards so close to your chest, you’re making me confused.” Poor baby!

Yet thanks to Øye’s time-tested trust in the merits of minimalism, Dreams doesn’t play like the overly precious pity party it could have been. In its uncluttered economy, the music echoes early-’80s outfits such as Young Marble Giants and Everything But the Girl (before its own dance-music phase). And despite his self-effacing manner, Øye actually manages to give a few numbers a sly sexiness that should make him a pinup on the walls of public-library break rooms worldwide." [source]


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