Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Boom Bip "Sacchrilege"

Artist: Boom Bip
Album: Sacchrilege [EP]
Label: Lex
Release date: 23 April 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro

01. Snook Adis
02. Rat Tail
03. Coogi Sweater [Feat. Ali Lee]
04. The Pinks
05. One Of Eleven
Total running time: 23' 09"
"Lex really do seem like they're on a mission to change what people think of them - and it's not just them clearly, it's their artists too. It wasn't long ago that Mr. Boom Bip was perfectly happy making off-kilter hip hop electronic shizzle, but these days he seems much more happy making, well let's tell it how it is, Italo Disco. Yep there's nothing to hide here, this isn't a little bit disco either, it's about as disco as you can get without donning a sailor's hat and growing a moustache ... it's even on luscious pink vinyl! I was led to believe this was going to sound a little bit like my favourite band ever Goblin but while the synth sounds are totally killer, this ain't quite the same. Check!" [source]

In a recent interview, Boom Bip said "I figured a lot of fans would consider it a departure from what I usually do - this is happy, danceable and seems sugar coated... Sacrilege to purist Boom Bip fans plus artificial sweetner Saccharin. Together... well you get it."


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