Monday, February 12, 2007

Kid Koala "Your Mom's Favorite DJ"

Artist: Kid Koala
Album: Your Mom's Favorite DJ
Label: Ninja Tune
Release date: September 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Turntablism/Hip Hop

01. Left Side
02. Right Side
Total running time: 33' 32"

[Kid Koala - Moon River remix]

"Kid Koala has always remained something of an outcast in the ballsy world of the turntablist. Where his peers measure their genitalia by showing how quick they can scratch or how many records they can blend in three minutes, Eric San aka Kid Koala has been more interested in assembling naaratives. This might not have him lavished with gold chains and serious hip-hop credibility but it has built around him a legion of fans desperate to hear anything to emerge from his gifted hands. I’m guessing that this is where he got the rather strange album title from, it’s the sort of hip-hop music you might play to your dear old mother and she might raise a smile rather than grimace at the state of modern music, San injects a genuine element of slapstick, a light heartedness into his eclectic compositions and that’s what makes his music so popular. His last full length album was accompanied by a comic-book also penned by San, showing further his eagerness to give narrative to the music, to write small stories linked together by the strangest of seams and this latest record picks off where he left off. Although there’s no book to help us this time around, the narrative is stronger than ever with movie samples (I heard ‘Gremlins’ in there for certain…) chopped over old rock ‘n roll, jazz, ragtime and world music to create a listening experience that is hard to compare to anyone else. I think the humour and nature of ‘Your Mom’s Favourite DJ’ is best compared to San’s most acclaimed record, the genre-defining ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome’ which was similarly pieced together. There are no ‘big tracks’ and hardly any moments when you get so absorbed to be humming a riff or stray melody, rather you listen from beginning to end as you would watch a film or read a book and the more you listen the more detail you can hear. You’re unlikely to hear anything else like this until the next Kid Koala record, and I’m pleased to say he’s on better form than ever, mum’s the word!" [source]


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