Monday, December 25, 2006

Subtle "For Hero: For Fool"

Artist: Subtle
Album: For Hero: For Fool
Label: Lex Records
Release date: September 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hip Hop

01. A Tale Of Apes I
02. A Tale Of Apes II
03. Middleclass Stomp
04. Middleclasskill
05. Midas Gutz
06. Nomanisisland
07. The Mercury Craze
08. Bed To The Bills
09. Return Of The Vein
10. Call To Dive
11. The Ends
Total running time: 50' 59"

[Subtle - The Mercury Craze - Video Clip]

"Based on anyone's criteria, the past couple of years haven't been good for Oakland-based sextet Subtle - with a horrific tour-bus accident leaving one member (Dax Pearson) quadriplegic and the rest understandably shaken by the experience. Yet rather than signal the end of Subtle, this incident seems to have galvanized their resolve; with new album 'For Hero:For Fool' a stunning diktat of their collective talent and vision. Rendered in 20/20 vision throughout by some soopa-crisp production values, 'For Hero:For Fool' will appeal equally to those with a pronounced Subtle addiction and newcomers alike thanks to the bands ability to ingrain lofty ideals into a whole which is mellifluous to the max. The nearest they've ever come to translating their breathless live show onto record, 'For Hero:For Fool' centres its attention on the formidable verbal skills of Adam ‘Doseone’ Drucker; a vocalist who can slip seamlessly from helium rant to jerky solipsism without breaking sweat. On his own there Doseone would no doubt be engaging, but ensconced amongst Subtle he's nigh on irresistible. With members culled from all over the Anticon family, Subtle open on the lunging electro and cluster-f*ck beats of 'A Tale Of Apes I' and 'A Tale Of Apes II'; wherein Dose's fierce vocals clatter into the ruff rhythms to create a thoroughly exhilarating kick off. From here, things calm down a little - and by the time 'Midas Gutz' rears into view they are sounding like a hard-boiled version of 13 & God - albeit with all the Subtle faculties intact. Elsewhere, 'Bed To The Bills' is a Rick Rubin esque clatter of drums and guitar that dips into West Coast psych-pop mid song, 'Return To The Vein' is a poignant cloud of synths and swirling melodies, whilst 'The Ends' closes with a Dax specialty; gorgeous keys and cavernous atmospherics everywhere. For all those who've liked bits and bobs from Subtle in the past but never fully subscribed, this is the record where they get coherent. Pity the fool!" [source]


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