Saturday, December 09, 2006

Squarepusher "Hello Everything"

Artist: Squarepusher
Album: Hello Everything
Label: Warp
Release date: 16 October 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum 'n' Bass/Nu Jazz

01. Hello Meow
02. Theme From Sprite
03. Bubble Life
04. Planetarium
05. Vacuum Garden
06. Circlewave 2
07. Cronecker King
08. Rotate Electrolyte
09. Welcome To Europe
10. Plotinus
11. The Modern Bass Guitar
12. Orient Orange
Total running time: 63' 41"

[Squarepusher - Hello Meow - Live @ Koko, London]

"What with the Jenkinson clan now harboring another beat mangler amongst their ranks (Andy of Ceephax Acid Crew fame...), it seems that Squarepusher (aka Tom Jenkinson) has deemed the time right to reignite his love of crazy-leg rhythms and pickled electronics - with 'Hello Everything' a breathless collision of styles and influences. Picking elements from all his past work, 'Hello Everything' can be viewed as Squarepusher doing what Squarepusher does best; i.e. packing his compositions full of blistered beats, jazz breaks, lofty soundscapes and a cascade of melodies that makes this his most accessible work for donkey's years. Marking his tenth full-fat LP, Squarepusher has suffered in the past from dotting genuine jewels amongst less effusive work - with last album 'Ultravisitor' a fine example. Yet where that record had a scope and ambition that some listeners found off-putting, 'Hello Everthing' is undoubtedly Squarepusher's most rounded work to date; wherein his clever-clogs ideas never stand in the way of accessibility or a good tune. Kicking proceedings off with 'Hello Meow', Squarepusher immediately recalls the mutiple-beat pile ups of 'Go Plastic', as sliced snippets and cold-water bass map out a sonic topography that is very complicated but never over-awing. From here, 'Theme From Sprite' is another showcase for Jenkinson's superlative bass playing skills, as a tricky melody is subdued through the rolling low end, whilst 'The Modern Bass Guitar' will get Squarepusher fans all wistful for 'Greenway's Trajectory'. Elsewhere, 'Welcome To Europe' is a further nod to the more melodic path this new album seems to signal, 'Bubble Life' ropes in some Spanish guitar, whilst 'Planetarium' equals 'Big Loada' for visceral thrills. Still the f*cking daddy..." [source]

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