Monday, December 18, 2006

ISAN "Plans Drawn In Pencil"

Artist: ISAN
Album: Plans Drawn In Pencil
Label: Morr Music
Release date: 13 June 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch/Ambient

01. Look And Yes
02. Cinnabar
03. Yttrium
04. Roadrunner
05. Ship
06. Immoral Architecture
07. Amber Button
08. Five To Four, Ten To Eleven
09. Corundum
10. Stickland
11. Seven Mile Marker
12. Working In Dust
13. Ruined Feathers
Total running time: 45' 00"

[ISAN - Cinnabar - Video Clip]

"Announcing their return to the fray through a lambent little 7" of Satie covers, the enduring duo of Antony Ryan and Robin Saville have now finished sketching their long-awaited follow-up to 2004's 'Meet Next Life' - with 'Plans Drawn In Pencil' the charming results. Where Isan were once considered the frothy treat amongst the Morr catalogue, their new album has a considerably darker hue - bringing a piquant bite to the creamy electronica that helped establish their name. Yet for all this talk of malignant undercurrents, 'Plans Drawn In Pencil' is still a a lushly orchestrated treat - with the trademark layered synths and analogue gurgles weaving together to form an undeniably Morrish treat... Opening through the soft-focus murmur of 'Look and Yes', Isan then set about distilling a form of pop-concentrate that's effortlessly filtered through a web of ebbing digitalis - with the likes of 'Road Runner' and 'Five To Four Ten To Eleven' brimming with melodious-hooks and soapy electronics. Describing some of their past work as having fallen into "our trademark one-finger-kiddy-melody sound”, the truly epic 'Working In Dust' provides an obvious highlight (and career juxtaposition) on 'Plans Drawn In Pencil' - wherein the Isan boys ditch the schematic of old in favour of a widescreen flash of Krautrock electronica. Far dustier than their polished past, 'Plans Drawn In Pencil' comes across like a smudged sketch-book - and is all the better for it. Gorgeous." [source]