Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Helios "Eingya"

Artist: Helios
Album: Eingya
Label: Type Records
Release date: 15 June 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo/Ambient

01. Bless This Morning Year
02. Halving The Compass
03. Dragonfly Across An Ancient Sky
04. Vargtimme
05. For Years And Years
06. Coast Off
07. Paper Tiger
08. First Dream Called Ocean
09. The Toy Garden
10. Sons Of Light And Darkness
11. Emancipation
Total running time: 51' 43"
"Some people are natural born musicians, seemingly unable to feel content doing anything uninvolved in the music scene. Keith Kenniff is one of those people. Both he and his brother were taught to play guitar, bass and drums when they were very young by their father (another musician) and before too long Keith had decided that he wished to pursue drumming that little bit further. He played in a variety of touring bands, from rock to jazz to classical and took influence from each situation, learning from the successes and inevitable failures. Throughout this time Keith was deducing exactly what he did and didn’t like about music, and was inevitably drawn to studying percussion at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music. Aside from this he took a keen interest in film, taking time out from the music and study whenever he could to widen his knowledge of independent and world cinema and film music. Through these two key interests Keith developed a deep sense and understanding of space and restraint, which play key roles in his musical projects. His main solo musical venture is under the alias ‘Helios’. This project takes in many of his skills; his keen sense of percussion, his delicate touch on the guitar, his measured and spacious songwriting and also his electronic production methods which he has taught himself. Miami based label Merck released his first album under this pseudonym which is titled ‘Unomia’ which received international acclaim. Less than a year after ‘Unomia’ had hit the shelves Keith’s second project saw the light of day, this was under the alias ‘Goldmund’ and was a selection of solo piano recordings. The album, ‘Corduroy Road’ was released on the young British label Type Recordings. ‘Corduroy Road’ was again very well received internationally and certain tracks have been used in films and major television series extensively. In June 2006 Type Recordings will be Keith’s third full length album entitled ‘Eingya’ which is his most ambitious to date. Taking in influence from his knowledge of cinema, his love of so many different genres of music and his extensive European travelling, the resulting album is a stunning work of instrumental beauty. Opening with 'Bless This Morning Year', Helios provides a perfectly balanced bridge from previous album 'Unomia' - weaving pastoral charm and emotionally rich piano, delicate guitar and Eno-hatched synths, with the kind of eroded beats which seems poised perpetually on the cusp of majestic disintegration. Grandstanding without resorting to needless bombast, Helios understands that whilst reverence for your heroes is always expected, there's no need to produce a pale facsimile - with 'Eingya' giving the nod to Harold Budd, Eno, Basinski, Drake and Boards of Canada, whilst crafting a portmanteau of boxfresh aural treats. Tethered around the album standout and thematic spoke 'Dragonfly Across an Ancient Land', other highlights include the bellicose cloud of 'Vargtimme', the shimmering soundscape 'The Toy Garden' and the field-recording massage of 'Halving The Compass'." [source]



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